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Winter 2022 President’s Report

The Covid pandemic certainly has had a way of interfering with our usual sense of a time continuum and making the old seem new. It seems it was just last week most of us were able to be present in Baltimore, Maryland, for a spectacular Annual Meeting, engaging in in-person networking and spirited debate! An in-person meeting seemed so novel! However, soon thereafter masking, zoom meetings, operating room prioritization and bed / nursing shortages roared back into the reality of our daily lives due to the emergence of the Omnicron variant.

Regardless, please join me in extending a special kudos to Dr Carol Morris, our outgoing president and her program chair, Dr Odion Binitie and the entire annual meeting committee. They had both the
courage to bet on us being able to have a successful in-person meeting and the foresight to make it hybrid for those unable to travel due to Covid. Additionally, we owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Morris for her steadfast leadership of our organization as we moved forward from being managed via the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to an independent management structure. Although it may have appeared seamless due to being able to retain our Executive Director, Kerri Mink, and Association Manager, Deborah Meyer, there was a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes. April 2022 will mark our one-year anniversary of being completely under self-management! Thank you to Dr Morris, Kerri and Deborah for making it all work out. 

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Sarcoma Strong Corner

Thank you to Sarcoma Strong for another amazing year of support. They have exceeded our goals for 2021 with our best participation and fund raising year since our
inaugural event in 2015. This was only possible through teamwork, collective effort with a shared vision.

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