2022 Ultrasound Course

MSTS 2022 Ultrasound Course Faculty


Laith Alhyari, MD is a musculoskeletal radiologist at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City. Dr. Alhyari graduated from the University of Jordan in Amman, Jordan and prior to joining the faculty at OUHSC, completed a diagnostic radiology residency at the University of Oklahoma and musculoskeletal radiology fellowship at the Henry Ford Health System.

Dr. Alhyari is active in multiple professional organizations including the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the Society of Skeletal Radiology (SSR).









Kevin C. McGill MD, MPH is a musculoskeletal radiologist at the University of California, San Francisco.
He is the Director of Musculoskeletal Interventions and the coordinator of the musculoskeletal
ultrasound biopsy service. Dr. McGill graduated from medical school at Northwestern University and
prior to joining the faculty at UCSF, completed a diagnostic radiology residency and musculoskeletal
radiology fellowship at the Henry Ford Health System.

Dr. McGill’s clinical interests include diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and image guided
procedures. He has been an invited instructor for multiple ultrasound courses and has published articles
on image guided interventions and musculoskeletal tumors.

In addition to serving as the Vice President of the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Assessment Committee
for the Alliance for Physician Certification and Advancement, Dr. McGill is also active in other
professional organizations including the International Skeletal Society (ISS), the Radiological Society of
North America (RSNA), and the Society of Skeletal Radiology (SSR).

Kyle Perry, MD is a senior surgical pathologist at Henry Ford Hospital. He was born and raised in Florida and attended  Medical school at the University of Florida. He completed his residency training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Following residency, Dr. Perry has completed fellowships in surgical pathology and bone/soft tissue pathology at Mayo  Clinic in Rochester, MN. He also has completed a fellowship in cytopathology at the Medical University of South Carolina. His primary areas of practice include bone/soft tissue pathology as well as GU and cytopathology. In addition to bone and soft tissue pathology he also has an interest in pathology  informatics/digital pathology.







Marnix T. van Holsbeeck, MD, RMSK, is Director of Musculoskeletal Radiology in the Henry Ford Health
System and is a Clinical Professor of Radiology at the Wayne State Medical School in Detroit Michigan.
Back in 1995 he received the President’s Medal of the prestigious International Skeletal Society. Marnix
authored 129 peer reviewed articles, he also authored and co-authored an impressive number of book
chapters and is the lead author on the original book titled “Musculoskeletal Ultrasound” first published
in 1991. Currently Dr. van Holsbeeck is working on the Fourth Edition of this text. Marnix founded the
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society in 1990 and is currently still acting as one of its co-directors. This
Society organized its 30th meeting in June of 2022. Prior meetings have been taking place in Europe,
West and East Asia, and North, Central and South America. Marnix’s interests in imaging focus on
motion induced injuries with a desire to resolve intermittent pain and dysfunction that no other imaging
can discriminate. In that respect he has launched collaborative efforts in the past with the United States
Olympic Committee and the National Space and Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI).