Sarcoma Strong Corner - Summer 2021

by Matthew R. DiCaprio, MD

Thank you to Sarcoma Strong for another amazing year of support. They have exceeded our goals for 2021 with our best participation and fund raising year since our inaugural  vent in 2015. This was only possible through teamwork, collective effort with a shared vision. Our essential intent at SarcomaStrong is to connect the Global Sarcoma Community of warriors, scientists and clinicians. To lead efforts of continuous knowledge improvement of this rare disease and in delivering better care and treatments to all sarcoma patients.

As more institutions join our efforts, we are optimistic that we can continue to fund sarcoma  research for our society and offer hope to our patients for years to come. If you are  considering starting an event at your institution please visit for documents and tips to help take your ideas and put  them into action. Please feel free to reach out directly to me at, for any guidance and support.

Together we Unite the Sarcoma Fight!
2021 Sarcoma Strong Global event by the numbers:

  • Over 1600 participants and donors worldwide
  • From 11 countries (United States, Canada, Japan, India, United Kingdom, Switzerland,
    Philippines, Germany, Panama, Australia, Puerto Rico)
  • And 35 US states
  • $130,000 raised to support Sarcoma research