Hatcher Fellowship

The Hatcher Pathology Fellowship

The Hatcher Pathology Fellowship was established in 1983, named in honor of the late C. Howard Hatcher, MD. The Fellowship was developed by Dr. Hatcher’s former residents and friends in the spirit of enriching orthopaedic surgeons with post-graduate experience in musculoskeletal oncology, with an anticipation of an academic career in musculoskeletal oncology. The fellowship is offered annually to US and international orthopaedic surgeons who have completed an accredited orthopaedic surgery residency or its equivalent.

In 2010, the MSTS acquired the Hatcher Fellowship from the AOA. The MSTS recognizes that there currently exists a myriad of opportunities available that could potentially enrich the postgraduate experience of an aspiring orthopaedic oncology academician. Examples include, but are not limited to: participation in the Clinician Scholar Development Program, grant writing workshop, or visitation of a renowned institution for the purpose of clinical observation, research, or scholarly study. Rather than formulate specific requirements for Fellowship opportunities, the MSTS will consider each applicant’s request based on individual merit. Preference is given to early career orthopaedic surgeons and activities that in some manner involve international experience. Requirements of the Fellowship (and consistent with funding/donor support) are as follows:

  1. Applicants must be US or international orthopaedic surgeons with planned or completed post-graduate experience in musculoskeletal  oncology, with an anticipation of an academic career in musculoskeletal oncology. Applicants must have completed an orthopaedic surgery residency or its equivalent.
  2. Applicants must obtain a fellowship activity prior to seeking support from the Fellowship fund.
  3. The grant may only be awarded to opportunities that do not otherwise have available funding.
  4. The Fellowship must be communicated broadly to eligible audiences and selection must be made by a committee of academic orthopaedic surgeons who subspecialize in orthopaedic oncology.
  5. Grants are a one-time only award of up to $8,500.
  6. Grants are provided directly to the individual.
  7. Grant funds must be maintained in a restricted account and used only to support Hatcher fellowships. 

Interested applicants should submit a completed application to the MSTS, describing the potential fellowship opportunity in detail, and explaining why the applicant believes the opportunity provides enrichment in the spirit of the Hatcher Pathology Fellowship. The application should include a detailed financial statement. All applications will be reviewed by the MSTS Fellowship Committee. Application deadline, award notification, and timeline for completion of fellowship activity occur on the same cycle every year with the following dates.

Applications accepted starting January 1 every year

Application deadline March 1 every year

Award notification March 30 every year

Funding period May 1 to April 30 the following year.

For example, an application submitted between Jan 1, 2030 and March 1, 2030 would get notified of award by March 30, 2030 for Fellowship Activity that must take place between May 1, 2030 and April 30, 2031.

  1. The recipient of the Award will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the MSTS and funds will be disbursed in three installments:
  2. 40% of funds released upon start of the Fellowship.
  3. 40% of funds released midpoint of Fellowship upon receipt of a midpoint review approved by the Fellowship Committee. 20% awarded at the completion of the Fellowship upon receipt of a final reflection reported at the MSTS Annual Meeting or Specialty Day Meeting.

The final report should summarize the experience, describing whether or not the expected goals were met, and reiterating how the experience will help further the Awardee’s academic career in Musculoskeletal Oncology. If the funds are needed prior to start of the Fellowship, the Awardee may make a request for same in writing to the Committee.