MSTS Travelling Fellowship Sponsored by Onkos

The MSTS received a donation from ONKOS to support a musculoskeletal oncology travelling fellowship. The grant award is meant to offset the costs for a fellow enrolled in an MSTS recognized fellowship to travel to another north American fellowship program for a mutually agreed timeframe, typically 1 week, to gain clinical perspective, education, and professional connection with a fellowship program outside of their own. Depending on host institution policies and local medical licensing laws the time spent at the host institution may be an observership rather than participation in patient care. It is up to the visiting fellow and host institution to determine which type and length of activity is most appropriate. Currently there are 5 awards, $2000 each, available. The requirements for this fellowship are listed here:

  1. Fellow must be enrolled or within 6 months post-graduation from an MSTS recognized fellowship at the time of doing the visiting fellowship.
  2. Fellow must have written permission to participate from current program director, one line email is acceptable.
  3. Fellow must have written permission from hosting fellowship program director, one line email is acceptable.
  4. Fellow must submit signed and completed application to
  5. Submit questions to


Applications accepted July 1st to December 15th each year.

Award notifications by February 1st each year

Travel to take place during applicant’s remaining fellowship year or within 6 months of graduation.

Application Process:

Fellow seeks permission from potential hosting fellowship director

Fellow completes and submits application to MSTS

Fellowship committee reviews each application for completeness

If more than 5 complete applications are received a lottery system will be used to select the awards.