Other Studies

IluminOss Clinical Trial

All MSTS members are invited to participate in a FDA approved trial sponsored by IluminOss Medical as part of its FDA approval process.  The trial is an 80-patient, 15-site prospective single arm study of patients with metastatic lesions of the humerus (fractures and impending fractures) that will undergo stabilization with the IluminOss stabilization system. This system involves minimally invasive insertion of a balloon catheter which is then filled with a liquid polymer that will harden into an intramedullary nail in situ via UV light polymerization. Further internal stabilization will be based on surgeon preference for each case. The primary outcome will be change in VAS pain scores and safety data will be examined. Specific benefits for MSTS members involve hands-on education in the process of clinical trial participation. Please contact Gregory French GFrench@illuminoss.com if you are interested in participating or for more information.  The MSTS does not endorse studies but serves as a conduit for information that may be of benefit to its members.

Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology

This NCI-sponsored network group has activated A091105: A Phase III, Double Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Sorafenib in Desmoid Tumors or Aggressive Fibromatosis (DT/DF). View for Details.