2020 Annual Meeting E-Posters

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Patterns Of Extrapulmonary Versus Pulmonary Metastases In Soft-Tissue Sarcoma Cara A Cipriano, MD, FAAOS
Detection Of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Local Recurrence – Surveillance Imaging Versus Physical Examination Cara A Cipriano, MD, FAAOS 
Despite Advances In Tumor Management Modalities, Surgery Prevails As Best Predictor Of Survival For Osteosarcoma: An Analysis Of Primary Osseous Tumor Characteristics, Management, And Outcomes From The National Cancer Database (Ncdb) Taylor Ottesen 
Outcomes Of Cryosurgery Utilizing An Argon Cryoprobe. John Krumme, MD 
In Vitro Analysis Of The Cytotoxic Effects Of Common Irrigation Solutions On Chondrosarcoma And Giant Cell Tumor Cells Jonathan J. Vaux, DO 
What Is The Likelihood Of Non-Pulmonary Metastases Occurring In The Absence Of Lung Metastasis In Bone And Soft Tissue Sarcoma? A Nested Case Control From Ongoing Prospective Cohort Study. Dr Obada Hasan, MD 
Intravenous Tranexamic Acid Decreases Transfusion Requirements And Does Not Increase Incidence Of Thromboembolic Events In Sarcoma Surgery Herrick Siegel, MD, FAAOS 
The Incidence, Risk Factors And Microbial Profile Of Infected Endoprosthetic Reconstructions Rishi Trikha, MD 
A Comparative Analysis Of The Outcomes And Survivorship Of Proximal Femoral Replacement Versus Internal Fixation Techniques In The Treatment Of Metastatic Disease Of The Proximal Femur Charles Allen Gusho 
10  The Effect Of Extensor Mechanism Repair On Functional Outcome Following Proximal Tibia Replacement Rishi Trikha, MD 
11  30-Year Follow-Up Results Of 170 Cemented Endoprosthetic Reconstructions For Tumors Of The Upper Extremity Danielle Greig, MD 
12  Acetabular Development After Non-Invasive Expandable Endoprosthetic Reconstruction With Hip Hemiarthroplasty John Alexander, MD 
13  Exercise Caution When Switching Bone Cement: How A Hospital-Instituted Change In Bone Cement Impacted Rates Of Endoprosthetic Implant Failure Danielle Greig, MD 
14  Stem Tip Location Represents A Potentially Modifiable Risk Factor For Aseptic Loosening Following Cemented Distal Femoral Replacement Danielle Greig, MD 
15  Survival And Failure Modes Of Pediatric Distal Femoral Expandable Endoprostheses: A Multi-Institutional Study Kara Tanaka 
16  Proximal Femoral Replacement In The Treatment Of Oncologic Disorders Of The Proximal Femur: The Experience Of A Single Institution   Charles Allen Gusho 
17  Intraoperative Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Angiography Decreases Postoperative Wound Complications In Soft Tissue Sarcoma Surgery Benjamin Wilke, MD 
18  Is Local Recurrence In Extremity Sarcoma Just A Local Recurrence, Or Does It Impact The Overall And Cancer Specific Survival; Nested Case Control Study From A Sarcoma Referral Center. Dr Obada Hasan, MD 
19  Intraoperative Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Angiography Is Sensitive For Predicting Postoperative Wound Complications In Soft Tissue Sarcoma Surgery   Benjamin Wilke, MD 
20  Does The Use Of Intraoperative Angiography Reduce The Incidence Of Postoperative Wound Complications In Complex Ortho-Plastic Reconstructions? Joseph Benevenia, MD, FAAOS 
21  Thromboelastography-Derived Coagulation Profile Of The Musculoskeletal Oncology Patient: Early Findings Of A 20-Patient Pilot Study Carol D Morris, MD, MS, FAAOS 
22  Mitigating Bone Cement Implantation Syndrome In Oncologic Patients Undergoing Cemented Hip And Knee Arthroplasty Through Neuraxial Or Regional Anesthesia Adam S. Levin, MD, FAAOS 
23  Free Microvascular Fillet Flap Reconstruction Following External Hemipelvectomy Olivia Thomas 
24  Despite Education Orthopaedic Surgeons Still Perform Unplanned Resections Ana Cecilia Belzarena, MD 
25  The Effect Of Metformin Use On Survival In Soft Tissue Sarcoma Patients: A Surveillance Epidemiology And End Results - Medicare Database Study. Ian Hutchinson, MD 
26  Histologic Markers Predictive Of Wound Healing Complications In Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treated With Preoperative Radiation Jacob D. Gylten 
27  Local Recurrence Of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Revisited: Is There A Role For “Selective” Radiation? Benjamin J Miller, MD, MS, FAAOS 
28  Lymph Node Metastasis In High Risk Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcoma And Prognostic Factors Influencing Survival Charles Allen Gusho 
29  Extraskeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma: A High Incidence Of Metastatic Disease To Lymph Nodes Matthew Thomas Houdek, MD 
30  Oncological Outcomes In Patients With Appendicular Myxofibrosarcomas: A Retrospective Study Juan A. Pretell, MD 
31  A Retrospective Cohort Study On The Impact Of Anesthesia In Sarcoma Resection Surgery Bijan Abar 
32  Niclosamide Stearate Prodrug Therapeutic (Nspt) Enhances Mitochondrial Proton Leak And Induces Potent Cytotoxicity In Osteosarcomas Mark Michael Cullen 
33  Versican And Extracellular Matrix Remodeling Promote Circulating Osteosarcoma Cell Extravasation And Metastatic Seeding Mark Michael Cullen 
34  Accelerating Bone Healing Using A Novel Sclerostin Inhibitor Howard G Rosenthal, MD, FACS, FAAOS 
35  Opioid Use In Orthopaedic Oncology Patients Christina Gutowski, MD, MPH 
36  Proximal Femoral Elongation Using Distraction Osteogenesis: It Is Possible To Perform In Patients With A Previous Massive Bone Allograft Of The Distal Femur? German L Farfalli, MD 
37  The Impact Of Radiation Therapy On Survival In Myxoid Liposarcoma David Kerr 
38  Four-Decade Epidemiological Trends Of Synovial Sarcoma: An Analysis Of The Surveillance, Epidemiology, And End Results Program Marc El Beaino, MD, MSC 
39  Promis Scores Of Patients Undergoing Neoadjuvant And Adjuvant Radiation Therapy For Surgically Excised Soft Tissue Sarcoma Cara A. Cipriano, MD, FAAOS 
40  Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Of Radiation-Induced Bone Loss In Radiotherapy Patients  Carol D Morris, MD, MS, FAAOS 
41  Intramedullary Brachytherapy For The Treatment Of Long Bone Metastatic Disease Alexandra K. Callan, MD 
42  Multi-Agent Chemotherapy For Surgically-Treated Soft Tissue Sarcomas Of Bone Is Not Associated With Improved Survival Compared To Surgery Alone: A Propensity-Matched, National Cancer Database Cohort Study. Ms Kristin Yu 
43  Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma; Single Center Study Of Oncologic Outcomes And The Effect Of Adjuvant Treatment Chung Chan, MBBS 
44  Telemedicine In Orthopaedic Oncology During The Covid-19 Pandemic: An Assessment Of Patient Satisfaction Joshua M. Lawrenz, MD 
45  Osteosarcoma Health Literacy: A Quantitative Assessment Of Online Patient Education Material Trevor Robert Gulbrandsen, MD 
46  Comparison Of Publication Rates For Musculoskeletal Oncology Abstracts Presented At National Meetings Christopher Collier, MD
47  Updated Analysis Of The Oncology Section Of The Oite From 2007 To 2019  Tyler Hoskins 
48  Insurance Status Independently Predicts Mortality After Treatment Of Sarcomas Eugene Jang, MD, MS 
49  Racial Disparities By Histology For Sarcomas Of Soft-Tissue And Bone David Kerr 
50  Has The Volume And Variability Of Procedures Reported By Fellows In Acgme-Accredited Musculoskeletal Oncology Fellowship Programs Changed Over Time? Ryan Todd Voskuil, MD 
51  Distance From Treating Hospital As A Predictor Of Outcomes After Treatment Of Sarcomas Eugene Jang, MD, MS* 
52  Resident & Fellow Involvement In Orthopedic Oncology Procedures Eugene Jang, MD, MS* 
53  Female Presenting Trends In Oncology Orthopedics - An Analysis Of The Past 5 Years Ana Cecilia Belzarena, MD 
54  The Efficacy Of Adjunctive Topical Tranexamic Acid For Blood Salvage In Patient Undergoing Palliative Decompressive Spinal Metastasis Surgery A Randomized Double Blinded Controlled Trial Ronnakrit Maethungkul, MD 
55  What Is The Value Of Undergoing Surgery For Spinal Metastases At Dedicated Cancer Centers? Azeem Tariq Malik, MBBS 
56  Improved Functional Status In Patients Undergoing Cement And Rebar Reconstruction With Total Hip Arthroplasty For Uncontained Metastatic Tumors Of The Acetabulum Ashish Mittal, MD 
57  Non-Surgical Outcomes For Periacetabular Metastasis Cory Gene Couch, MD 
58  The Pathologic Fracture Morbidity Index: A Novel Externally Validated Tool For Predicting 30-Day Postoperative Mortality Michael Raad 
59  African-American Patients Are At A Higher Risk Of Post Operative Complications And Longer Time To Operative Fixation For Pathologic Fractures Of The Long Bones: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis Michael Raad 
60  The Preoperative Machine Learning Algorithm For Extremity Metastatic Disease Can Predict 90-Day And 1-Year Survival: An External Validation Study Of 206 Patients Trevor Robert Gulbrandsen, MD 
61  Early Failures Utilizing The Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System In Pathologic And Impending Fractures   John Krumme, MD 
62  Predicting Pathologic Bone Lesions Using Scout Computed Tomography (Ct) Imaging Michael James Colello, MD 
63  Is Surgical Resection Of The Primary Site Associated With An Improved Overall Survival For Patients With Primary Malignant Bone Tumors Who Have Metastatic Disease At Presentation? Azeem Tariq Malik, MBBS 
64  Bisphosphonates Versu Denosumab For Prevention Of Pathological Fracture In Advanced Cancers With Bone Metastasis: A Meta-Analysis Of Randomized Controlled Trials Humaid Al Farii, MD 
65  No Survival Benefit For Patients With Metastatic Disease Of Bone Treated In High-Volume Centers Benjamin J Miller, MD, MS, FAAOS 
66  Does Surgical Technique Influence The Development Of Lung Metastasis In Patients With Pathologic Long Bone Fractures? Joseph Kendal, MD, MSC 
67  Perioperative Complications After Prophylactic Fixation Of Impending Pathologic Femur Fractures Using Reamer-Irrigator-Aspirator System Joseph Kendal, MD, MSC 
68  Sarcopenia As Evaluated By Psoas Cross-Sectional Area Is A Predictor Of Complication Following Treatment Of Lower Extremity Metastatic Disease Joseph Benevenia, MD, FAAOS 
69  Prophylactic Fixation Versus Stabilization After Completed Fracture For Metastatic Disease: Patient Reported Outcomes Over Short Term Follow- Up Meredith Bartelstein, MD 
70  Limb Lengthening After Internal Hemipelvectomy Alan Slipak, MD 
71  Patient-Specific Cutting Guides And 3D-Printed Technology For Intercalary Long Bone Resection And Allograft Reconstruction: Our Experience In The Resection Of Extremity Sarcoma Of Bone Charles Allen Gusho 
72  Patient-Specific Cutting Guides And 3D-Printed Technology For Pelvic And Sacral Tumor Resection And Complex Allograft Reconstruction: Our Experience In The Resection Of Pelvic And Spinal Sarcoma Of Bone Charles Allen Gusho 
73  Limb Salvage Surgery For Pelvic Bone Sarcomas: Which Factors Could Influence The Oncological And Clinical Outcomes? Luis Aponte-Tinao, MD 
74  Factors Influencing Ambulatory Function Following Internal Hemipelvectomy Yuhui Zhu
75  Internal Hemipelvectomy With Pseudoarthrosis Reconstruction  Ian English, MD 
76  Poor Survival In Bone Sarcoma Patients With Metastasis To Bone At Diagnosis Highlights The Importance Of Skeletal Staging Christopher Collier, MD 
77  The Prognostic Importance Of Pathologic Fracture In Limb Salvage Surgery For Osteosarcoma: A Single-Institution Review Of 304 Patients Danielle Greig, MD 
78  The Prognostic Importance Of Pathologic Fracture In Limb Salvage Surgery For Chondrosarcoma Danielle Greig, MD 
79  Lymphovascular Invasion And Histopathologic Profile Portends Worse Prognosis In Chondrosarcoma Alexander Leandros Lazarides, MD 
80  The Distinguishing Characteristics Of Suspicious Pulmonary Nodules In Patients With Osteosarcoma. Motaz AlAqeel, MD 
81  Characteristics And Long-Term Outcome Of Surgically Managed High-Grade Extremity Chondrosarcoma Trevor Robert Gulbrandsen, MD 
82  Limb Salvage Surgery With Liquid Nitrogen-Pretreated Bone Tumor Autograft - Successful Outcomes At Low Cost Ana Cecilia Belzarena, MD 
83  The Natural History Of Benign Childhood Bone Tumors Of The Extremities In A Longitudinal Radiographic Study Christopher Collier, MD 
84  Neo-Adjuvant Denosumab And Disease Recurrence In Giant Cell Tumour Of Bone: Has The Magic Bullet Lost Its Magic? Dr Fiachra Power 
85  Complications After Surgical Treatment Of Benign Bone Tumors Matthew Henriques, MD 
86  Sting Activation As An Immunotherapeutic Strategy For Soft Tissue Sarcoma Michael Monument, MD 
  EBM 2020 Update Felasfa Wodajo, MD & EBM Committee